Gina Vandewater

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I am the owner of High Class Elites. I started this business determined to change the game in not only the Denver scene for modeling, but breaking the conventionalized modeling industries set around the world. As a Denver model myself, in the past 5 years, there have been plenty of times that deserved more than just a critique. Not only has there been a handful of collaborations and photoshoots with brands or "well known members" that really didn't support their modes, but there have been more than enough incidents of needing to speak up for myself and others. There shouldn't even be room for something like that to entertain in any line of work, so why modeling?

I had been introduced to modeling groups once I gained some footing. I took note of the things I liked in terms of a business, however every growing establishment needs consistent growth in order to thrive. The things most business owners lack is being open to change. The things this industry lacks consists of set in stone mindsets, false images of what beauty looks like, and the repetitiveness to talk about change but no action to back up them actually changing. Your size, your shape, your age, race , gender, ethnicity, etc should not limit your ability to model if that is something you're truly passionate in. There's so many ideas, goals, and exciting projects coming soon for HCE! Thank you to all who choose to support us along the way.

High Class Elites is a platform for all creatives. A space to collaborate with like minded people, a business that provides the tools you need to build your name, and an atmosphere free of judgement. To each model, photographer, small business, brand - I support you.  

Height: 5 ft 7 in

Weight: 130

Shoe Size: ½

Bust: 34 in

Waist: 24 in

Hips: 32 in

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Publications: MOC Magazine, PicsNLipstickChicks Magazine, True Piscean Wear Website

Runways: Denver Fashion Week, Colorado Tattoo Convention & Expo Fashion Show, DUWF, RAW Artists Fashion Show, Local Shows

Personal Modesty: Implied - No Nude